Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minister Kenney hails growing economic ties with India

Delhi, India, September 9, 2010 — Canada and India share a vital business and cultural bond, and there is enormous potential for stronger ties between the two countries, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney said from Delhi yesterday.

Minister Kenney also highlighted the work already being done to strengthen ties between Canada and India.

“The government has expanded and deepened the commercial, diplomatic and cultural ties between our two countries,” said the Minister. “Our economies complement each other in so many ways. That’s reflected in our growing trade network in India, which is one of our most extensive anywhere in the world.”

Canada has opened three new trade offices in India since 2009, bringing the total to eight. That includes an office in Ahmedabad, which fulfils Prime Minister Harper’s promise to increase trade in the state of Gujarat. As well, the Business Express program continues to grow in popularity, with 55 member companies in India.

“I have had the opportunity to hear firsthand from business leaders here who appreciate the simplified documentation and expedited processing we offer to Indian companies whose employees travel frequently to Canada,” says the Minister.

Canada is also improving access to visas for Indian students who choose to study at Canadian community colleges. Since April 2009, CIC visa offices in India have received more than 9000 applications from Indian students in the program, leading to a tripling of the number of student permits for these colleges.

Minister Kenney attended a number of meetings in Delhi yesterday, and will be in Chandigarh today before visiting Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila, Canberra, and Sydney.


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